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My Christian Brothers, Leave Government and Cleave Unto Liberty

by Jim Fedako 8/28/2009 My Christian Brothers: I do not understand why you are now so concerned about government. Nothing has changed. The US is still a democracy, ruled by the will of the majority, under a nominal constitution. And the US continues to have an imperial president, overseas wars and conflicts, and a strong … Continue reading

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Can my neocon Christian brother justify their political beliefs?

by Jim Fedako I would like my neocon Christian bothers to realize the US has suffered (to date) almost as many military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan as were suffered in the Revolutionary War. In promoting the supposed wars, neocon Christians have cheered the spilling of blood, as well as the commissioning of all the … Continue reading


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By Doug Newman Please follow me on Facebook. And if you would like to post this elsewhere, please just link to this URL, as I update many of my articles frequently. Thanks! Posted on Facebook, Libertarian Christians and Christian Liberty News and Daily Paul. *********************************************************************** “Pretend with me that…