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The Anatomy of the State by Murray N. Rothbard

What the State Is Not The State is almost universally considered an institution of social service. Some theorists venerate the State as the apotheosis of society; others regard it as an amiable, though often inefficient, organization for achieving social ends; but almost all regard it as a necessary means for achieving the goals of mankind, … Continue reading

Political Philosophy / Statism

Do You Hate the State? by Murray Rothbard

[Day 30 of Robert Wenzel’s 30-day reading list that will lead you to become a knowledgeable libertarian, this article was originally published in the Libertarian Forum , Vol. 10, No. 7, July 1977.] I have been ruminating recently on what are the crucial questions that divide libertarians. Some that have received a lot of attention … Continue reading

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My Christian Brothers, Leave Government and Cleave Unto Liberty

by Jim Fedako 8/28/2009 My Christian Brothers: I do not understand why you are now so concerned about government. Nothing has changed. The US is still a democracy, ruled by the will of the majority, under a nominal constitution. And the US continues to have an imperial president, overseas wars and conflicts, and a strong … Continue reading

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The Gospel According to Government

Larken Rose, Porkfest 2012 “If you really want world peace, justice, freedom…you can have it. But I’ll tell you the price. I’ll tell you what it’s going to cost you if you really want that: Give up┬áthe cult of statism and embrace humanity!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTJ7ihNz2Go&list=UUFeK8ZdHbCqAq3gekWs8aEQ&index=2&feature=plcp Continue reading