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The 2012 Elections: A Death Knell for the Christian Right

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

For far too many election cycles, Christian conservatives have promiscuously given their proverbial milk to sweet talking politicians and party higher-ups as a pre-payback for pillow promises that are never quite fulfilled. But now, after having made themselves essentially irrelevant at the national level, the Christian conservative block finds itself tossed aside by the party elites like a cheap whore. Used. Disrespected. Regardless of the outcome of the 2012 presidential election…here we are. Way to be principled folks.


by Kevin Swanson for Vision Forum

Well, the dust has cleared on the Obama agenda. After four years of Barack Obama’s presidency, we have socialist medicine through mandated insurance, more government-funded abortions, and about $4 trillion of extra debt. Knowing this, I’m apparently  supposed to vote for the Other Guy. Never mind the fact that George W. Bush left office with a 1.5 trillion dollar budget deficit (inflation adjusted), and it was his appointee to the Supreme Court who gave the final push to Obama’s socialist medicine plan.

I am told to set all this aside in this election and to endorse the Other Guy for President — the latest elephant in the room. He must be better — but why? I am offered reasons for supporting the Other Guy, and here they are:

(1). The Other Guy is a Mormon, and everybody knows that Mormons are better than Muslims. Clearly, not all Muslims or Mormons are polygamists. Then again, it is possible that President Obama has cooled on his “Muslim faith.” Or maybe the Other Guy has lapsed with his “Mormon faith.” If Mormons or Muslims led the nation for a hundred years, where would we be? I wonder. Suffice it to say, I’m not convinced that Mormons are better than Muslims.

(2). Everybody knows that Republican presidents are more conservative fiscally than Democrat presidents. This may be true in the minds of Republicans who enjoy listening to Republican rhetoric. I know. I know. Most conservatives do not want to be confused with the data. But here it is.

Annualized Growth in Spending:

  • Reagan — first term — 8.7%
  • Reagan — second term — 4.9%
  • Bush I — 5.4%
  • Clinton — first term — 3.2%
  • Clinton — second term — 3.9%
  • Bush 2 — first term — 7.3%
  • Bush 2 — second term — 8.1%
  • Obama — 1.4%[1]

I realize that data like this can be a little complicated to interpret, so let me help. Obama and Clinton’s annualized growth rates were lower than Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2. Shall I go over that again? If you were a one-issue guy that didn’t care about things like abortion, the fear of God, homosexuality, and other stuff, and you wanted more freedom and less government, you would probably want to elect this Obama fellow, whoever he is.

Many, of course, give far more credit to a conservative Congress than they would to the President for providing any semblance of fiscal sense in Washington, D.C. But that means that the President is irrelevant to even the remote possibility of leading a nation towards limited government and fiscal sensibility!

In the end, conservatives have blown it. The entire conservative movement has been an utter failure, and they need to admit it. The reason for this is that they have proven themselves to be unprincipled. A conservative walks into a restaurant and orders a little less than what ever the liberal is having. The cook always gives him more. Always.

At root, conservatives are not solid people. They have no principled foundation. They are not interested in true repentance. And, they certainly aren’t willing to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for the cause of any principle. So they will lose.

(3). The third reason why I should vote for the Other Guy is that he really does have better rhetoric. They tell us that it is possible that the Other Guy’s rhetoric is better than his record, and he ought to be trusted because of that. To which I say, “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me 395 times, *I’m a complete idiot!*”

Rhetoric changes so often in political races that I encourage people not to pay any attention to it whatsoever. The only way to know whether a man is principled on any issue is to review his record. If he has supported homosexuality, abortion, big government socialism, or big-government medicine in his previous political involvement, he is not to be trusted with a higher office. Period. Conversions must be proven in lower offices. If this man was converted after his horrendous record in the Massachusetts State Government, then let it be proven in a lower office first. If homosexuality in the public arena is a growing toxin in American life, and if he blasted the Boy Scouts for their opposition to homosexual involvement, then how do we know that he would oppose a Hate Crimes bill that would land Christian pastors in prison in 2018?

I don’t think there is any debating the fact that we have the worst Republican candidate with the worst “conservative” record running for president in as far back as any of us can remember. Let’s face it: We’re debating over which unprincipled, big-government candidate will continue to erode the moral and fiscal foundations of this nation the fastest? Which candidate will more expeditiously take us to 475 A.D. Rome?

Fear of Obama vs. Fear of God

But for the time being, I am concerned about other things besides electing the Director in charge of dismantling an empire. First of all, why are Christians so fearful and so faithless? They take their positions out of fear — fear of Obama, not fear of God. Their rhetoric is so filled with the “Fear of Obama” one would think that the beginning of wisdom in this election is the fear of Obama. The enthusiasm with which they embrace the worst Republican ever is breathtaking. This portends the end of the Christian right. They are scraping for the last few crumbs from off the table. Forget trying to get a seat at the table; what they would do for a photo-op with the next unprincipled big shot would blow your mind!

Twenty years ago, some of these leaders insisted that they would never vote for a man who would make the rape and incest exception in their position on abortion. Now they’ve even given up on all incremental repentance and all principled thinking to accept a pragmatic socialist with occasionally decent rhetoric. The Christian right of the 1980s and 1990s is over. The anti-Kuyperian, two-kingdom crowd (that eschews the Lordship of Christ in politics) will dance on the graves of the old burned-out Christian right.

Others of us, however, have been building more firm foundations for the last thirty years. We were marginalized and ignored by the Christian Right (of Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and others). But we were more focused on a full-orbed biblical worldview that forms from the bottom up. We were more interested in repentance among fathers and families than psychological studies. We were more interested in building godly families and church communities (that would displace public schools and government welfare programs), than voting for Republicans. We were more interested in bringing God’s law to bear than “Judeo-Christian” morality, whatever that is.  We appealed to the Bible before we appealed to John Locke, James Madison, Jeremy Bentham and the other utilitarians.

We have been building firm foundations, based on God’s Laws that will stand in the year 2060. We have a long-term generational vision. We cannot believe that we will save the Republic by electing a Hockey Mom from Alaska with really “conservative, Christian values” to govern the nation for four years (especially if she has another child who has conceived another child out of wedlock).

We don’t need carpet cleaning in Washington D.C., as if that will “fix everything.” We need concrete. We need new foundations. The American family, the American education system, the American culture has been torn to shreds, and there is very little that government can do about that anymore. And there is nothing that “the Other Guy” is going to do fix this as long as he endorses homosexuality in the Boy Scouts and the schools!

Americans Moving Towards Dictatorship

Another concern I have with this election is the tremendous emphasis that is placed on the presidential race among the leftists, the centrists, the conservatives, and the panicked Christian right — the whole lot of them. You would have thought that there is only one political race in America. Congressional approval ratings are the lowest in history. Incredibly, the Gallop numbers scraped 10% just last week. Fourteen years ago, these numbers were up to 55%.

Why am I so concerned? These are the seeds for a rising dictatorship in America. This is what happened when the Roman (Humanist) Republic moved towards Empire under the Caesars. The people are hell-bent to centralize power in the hands of a few. Their disinterest in the Congressional races and the Senate races speak volumes. They still assume that the president is “all that matters.” When this assumption takes over in the minds of everybody, the media, the leaders, the Christian right, and the liberal socialists, you can kiss your balance of powers goodbye.

The American people are begging for dictatorship, and the Christian right is no exception to this. But even if America is successful at pulling off an Empire-based dictatorship, I can’t imagine it will last more than fifty years, particularly since our social and cultural systems are so corrupted and the foundations of civilization have pretty much disintegrated.

Focus Your Resources

There is more to government than the presidential race! Believe it or not, there are still a few principled Christians around who fear God, hate covetousness, and love the truth. Why, then, do we have to spend the bulk of our political capital, our energy for arguing, our money and time, fighting to elect a Muslim or a Mormon? Why are 99% of the conversations concerning politics centered around the Muslim and the Mormon?

As long as there are the Todd Akins (Missouri), David Simpsons (Texas), and Kevin Lundbergs (Colorado) running for State House, Congress, or Senate, you would think Christians would want to move their capital (time, energy, and money) in that direction. A $100 donated to a Congressional campaign for a solid candidate is 100 times more effective than a vote for an unprincipled presidential candidate. If you are first assured that the candidate fulfills the Exodus 18 requirements, then why not get the most bang for your buck? Why not put your time and energy behind a candidate who give his life and sacred honor for the cause of principle?

I recently organized a fundraiser in my basement and raised $14,000 for a godly congressional candidate in my state who has maintained a consistent record and rhetoric for 15 years of politics in this state. If he is elected, that’s about 2-5% of the monetary influence needed to put him in office. If I place a ballot for a socialist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion Republican for President, I have 1/50,000,000 of an impact on that election (or .00002%).  That’s almost zero influence for a candidate who will almost certainly lead the nation towards more socialism, more homosexuals in the Boy Scouts, and more tax-funded abortions.

Don’t waste what few resources are left for the cause of righteousness! Focus them on godly candidates. It is always the 5% minority in any organization, country, or governmental entity that makes a difference for the cause of righteousness or wickedness. Support the best leaders you can find in your state or in any other state (where they run for political office).

We still have huge opportunities to impact the political process. But you have to start with the principles rooted in the laws of God. You have to be a principled man, not a 21st century pragmatist, and support those men running for public office who truly fear God.

And that’s why I won’t be endorsing the Other Guy.

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