‘Musings of a Ron Paul Supporter’ (by Lynette Rosinger)

Dear Friends and Family,

It was with great joy and anticipation that I watched the New Year’s ball in Time Square usher in 2012! This was the long awaited year of change, an opportunity to rid the White House of Obama and participate in politics once again! Many Presidential campaigns have come and gone since my last political involvement, which was in 1980 for Ronald Reagan. This year I was excited at the prospect of working for Ron Paul, a candidate I could work and vote for, not just accept as the only choice against the Democrat opponent. And what a ride it has been!

You may have received a letter from me earlier this year expressing my reasons for endorsing Republican Ron Paul, the liberty candidate for the Republican nomination. And throughout the year I have sent emails to many of you and I have had conversations with some of you on the phone or in person. Now I write this follow up because I must, because I care so deeply. I am delighted to report that as a result of my involvement in the great fight to rid this country of Obama, I have made new friends, reinforced my knowledge of parliamentary procedure, and even reconnected with my niece Vicki and her family in Sarasota. Emotions for me ran high. Voting for Ron Paul on March 6 brought tears to my eyes and once home, I broke down and actually cried. Watching Ron Paul rallies on the internet also brought tears to my eyes. Then I finally got to be at a rally and lend my voice to the crescendo of screams as 11,000 supporters welcomed Dr. Paul to the podium at the Sun Dome in Tampa, August 26, a day I will never forget. These passions will last forever.

My active involvement this year began at the precinct caucus back in February. Then I was a delegate to the county convention, an alternate to the congressional district convention, and was an alternate to the state convention until the establishment found out whom I supported, and I was crossed off. To summarize the experiences, more people participated than ever had in the past. The leadership was shocked at the numbers of extra chairs they needed. Bleachers normally empty were amazingly full of people. I know this because as Congressman Tom Price walked in I heard him say as he passed by, “Look at all of these people!” Each one of these extra individuals meant the membership in, and coffers of, the local GOP organizations grew. Party leaders and elected officials were able to address larger crowds.

But I was lied to, 3 times that I know of, and rules were changed at the last minute. Intimidation was the tactic of the worried “in” crowd and an overall feeling of our being controlled, top down, by a higher authority, became evident. The purpose of the convention was to elect delegates and alternates to the next levels, but it was apparent that the real purpose was to hear politicians and party leaders speak. You see, no candidate for delegate position was allowed to speak, which is what we all expected. Unity was the theme of all of the elected officials and party leaders’ speeches. Unity, yes of course. They want our money and our support, and our vote, but do not expect to be granted one, not one delegate or alternate position to the state or national conventions! In other words, you really do not belong here!

Across the nation there were reports of out and out cheating on the part of insiders to prohibit Ron Paul supporters from becoming delegates. In one case, in Clarke County Georgia, the chair said the “ayes” have it on a vote when the opposite was true. The chair ignored calls for “Division,” which calls for an actual count; he just walked out of the room. In some cases ballots were counted behind a screen; names on fake slates were distributed to confuse the Ron Paul people. The stories abound. Some state or district conventions were held in the parking lot because the situation was so unfair. The state chairman of the convention in Louisiana had his bones broken. The elite was very scared.

By now you have probably heard the reports that this same “ax” to cut people out was used at the national Republican convention in Tampa. It may not have been reported on your favorite news program, but 100% of the delegates were not supporters of Mitt Romney. You were not supposed to know that.

Prior to the convention, the RNC removed Ron Paul delegates, individuals duly elected as delegates from Oregon, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. At the convention, the RNC attempted to change their own rule that with a plurality of delegates in five states, an individual could have his name placed in nomination. There was an effort to change this five -state rule to 10 because Ron Paul had a plurality in Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, and Virginia. By the way, did you know that Ron Paul won Iowa? This effort failed however. He unquestionably qualified for nomination under this rule. But, it did not matter, because Maine was stripped of the majority of its delegates.

The RNC and Romney forces replaced Maine delegates with Romney people, ones chosen by people in other states, not Maine. The Ron Paul folks showed up anyway, and when cries of “Seat them now” echoed in the auditorium, the Romney forces….

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